Elite Physical Therapy in Ormond Beach

Elite Physical Therapy Associates LLC is a privately-owned physical therapy practice which has served the Ormond Beach and surrounding communities since 2011.

Our practice is unique; compared to other physical therapy practices in the area, our therapists spend a considerable amount of time learning about you – your condition, your concerns, and your goals. We do not rush your care; that is what makes us successful with our craft.

We are a practice that prides ourselves on one-on-one care. A physician referral, although preferred, is not a requirement for care. Regardless of whether or not you arrive with a physician referral, we will always be in contact with your doctor through evaluation and progress reports.

Manual Therapy

Manual physical therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy delivered with the hands as opposed to a device or machine. In manual therapy, practitioners use their hands to put pressure on muscle tissue and mobilize joints in an attempt to decrease pain caused by muscle spasms, muscle tension and joint dysfunction. As simple as this may sound, not all physical therapists dedicate the time and energy to becoming proficient in this area. At Elite Physical Therapy Associates LLC, we believe that Manual Therapy is an important aspect of the overall treatment of any injury or chronic illness.

Exercise Therapy

Almost any patients undergoing physical therapy can benefit from exercise therapy. It is a specific type of exercise tailored to rebuilding muscle and function over an extended period of time. Depending on the diagnosis, exercise can take the form of stretching or flexibility exercises, strengthening, nerve mobility exercises, pain-relieving exercises, and balance and proprioceptive exercises. Ultimately, the goal for all of our patients at Elite Physical Therapy Associates LLC is to reduce pain, regain full mobility and range of motion thus improving overall quality of life. We have equipment for these types of therapies, as well as the ability to create exercise outlines so you can continue your recovery on a daily basis safely in between your sessions.

Geriatric Therapy

There are many physical problems associated with the elderly which can be addressed by the use of physical therapy. There are three main categories to begin; the first is one in which the patient simply does not use their limbs or does not exercise. This can be corrected by utilizing range-of-motion exercises and other exercises. The second is problems directly related to cardiovascular disease such as heart disease and stroke. Physical therapists have a number of tools to work with these issues such as exercise, manual treatments, electrical stimulation, and more. The third are skeletal problems such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. These problems require special attention and training as patients suffering from these ailments are extremely frail and experience extreme pain. At Elite Physical Therapy Associates LLC, all of our therapists are fully trained to work with geriatric patients.

Post-Surgical Therapy

Any type of surgery can be a traumatic for both the body and the mind. It requires much time and energy in the weeks and months (depending on the type of surgery) to heal from any procedure. At Elite Physical Therapy Associates LLC we understand that following a post-surgery rehabilitation protocol is essential for complete healing. Physical Therapy treatments are planned with the protocol to help decrease stiffness and pain and return to full function. The ultimate goal is to return the patient to complete independence and to help them continue living a full and active lifestyle. We create customized post-surgical therapy for each individual and work to get you back to your old self in a timely manner.

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